I did it! I took my first step at seeking out therapy. For years I’ve explored the thought of working with a therapist. My mom suggested it after a really low year I had my first year teaching and my husband has encouraged it after seeing patterns in my behaviors.

I thought- no way. I’m fine. I go to the gym, I’m eating healthy, I go for runs and I am generally happy. I have always classified myself as being a positive, up beat person. But from what we’ve learned, don’t ignore your happy friends. Quite frankly, I also understand the slowly changing stigma of mental health. Hence the article:

Seeking out therapy is scary. Each time I’ve attempted I’ve told myself- it’s not for you, you’re fine. Or my favorite I tell myself, “You’re being dramatic”. I studied psychology and still have these thoughts, so I can’t help but think that these same thoughts hinder others from seeking help. Let’s normalize mental health. Let’s normalize taking care of yourself mentally and physically- because we all cheer others on when they go to the gym or eat healthy.

I have to be honest… as I mentioned, I’ve been down this road of seeking therapy, but fearing actually starting. My mind always goes back to the Podcast My Favorite Murder by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstar. These women have repeatedly normalized mental health by sharing their own stories, openly talking about therapy, while being funny as hell.

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark ...

Find them at:

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