Exploring during COVID-19

Everyone is quarantined and wondering what to do to pass the time. Watching tv becomes mundane and there’s only so many times you can open and close the refrigerator and pantry doors searching for food. So what else is there? Here are a few simple activities I’ve had the chance to do during this time or have seen others engaging in that are great ways to connect, create and continue having fun.

1. Go for an art walk

There are tons of interesting things around our neighborhoods, cities, etc. Taking a step outside and taking a break from our phones allows us to see what’s out there and change it up. We can social distance, get our exercise in and explore new things. Yesterday on my walk I had the opportunity to look up and see the cutest little astronaut holding a heart.

2. Play games on zoom

Hilarious and a moment to socialize with friends- everyone download a free zoom account and engage in a set of games with friends, whether that’s sharing your screen and playing JackBox TV, or creating a set of trivia questions and teaming up or creating powerpoint presentations hahaha (drinking or not, your preference). We did a round of trivia on zoom last night and we were able to see all of our friends gathered in their living rooms and cracking jokes- incredible quarantine experience.

3. Tree golf

Take some clubs out to the park and set up a 9 hole course. Par each course and have at it. This can be solo or with a partner, whatever you can maintain with the proper social distancing—

4. Experiment in the kitchen

Try that new recipe you’ve been craving or bake that carrot cake (that’s what I made- along with brownies, peanut butter cookies, blueberry muffins and probably a lot more).

5. Shop local

Order in from your favorite local restaurants if you’re able to. We try to order something in once a week to mix it up, but also to support our favorite places.

A few in Columbus: Brassica, Olde Town East Tavern, Smoked on High Barbeque, Tiger & Lily and top it all off with some Upper Cup Coffee and some vegan pastries with PattyCake Bakery!

6. Try a New Hobby

Put together a puzzle, experiment with new yoga poses in the privacy of your bedroom, paint by the numbers or learn to knit. Make this about relaxation and enjoyment. I keep thinking that this time needs to be about being productive, getting things done, and overcoming boredom. What I am realizing is that what we need most is self care during these times. It’s not about the end result, but the process. That yoga pose doesn’t need to be perfect, but check in on how you feel while you’re doing it.

7. Neighborhood Hide & Seek

I saw the neighborhood kids playing yesterday, but who are we kidding- we’re all kids at heart. Play with neighbors, keep your distance and enjoy. Or if you’re feeling more comfortable indoors, play with your pets. Whoever find’s the cat first wins!

8. Take on the lives of your favorite show

My husband has been watching a show on Netflix and has been giving me a play by play of all of the drama that’s happening. His favorite thing right now, talking about them as if they are real and sitting in the room with us. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re cooped up, but it’s been very entertaining- it works best with dramas.

9. Listen to live music

We’re all relying on technology during these times to get an ounce of life pre-quarantine. Put on that live performance from your favorite band on youtube or catch live performances from bands streaming during this time. Light some candles, set the ambience and feel the music. Check out the link below:


10: Read up on this incredible list from Travel & Leisure


Seriously- virtual tours? What a fun idea. Live streaming theme parks, animal viewings, and ideas for online classes! I thought about signing up for Nikon’s free Photography classes because WHY NOT?

Or when worst comes to worst… dress up your cat and take pictures!

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